You have to be the story people share


And not the forgotten, incomplete book that some one left mid way

We are all beginning a new chapter everyday in life. Something new is being created every day in life and you are potentially doing something unusual and worht being heard and shared every day.

And I mean that. 

All of us have the potential to be master story tellers and creators of destiny. The sad part however is very few of us are working on it

Every morning when I get up, there are multiple reasons for me to not get cracking on what is potentially the most difficult thing to do. Whether it is getting up to exercise early winter mornings or getting up and getting back to work – which I know will take time to get me the rewards I am hoping for

And there are enough and more reasons for me to ‘not do’ any of these and straight on take the simpler route –  Sleep till late, get on to do something easy and lazy ,maybe nothing at all. Take up a high paying job and getting to the more secure things. More assured realities

There is no harm in taking the secure route. After all, a man with empty stomach is only as worthwhile as Titanic with a hole crumbled by the Iceberg 😉 But that is a discussion for another day!

Being secure is about getting the fundamental right and not screwing up on the basics. And I am a firm believer of the fact that for a grand story to be told, a brilliant plot to be conjured up – there have to be some basics that are fitting all in place

While there will be times when things will work out absolutely miraculous – out of the blue – but those are for the people who hit the Bull’s Eye Spot On (More often than not without even knowing about that)

In most of our cases, let me assume there will be failures.

There will be setbacks. There will be challenges. AND. There will be enough and more compelling reasons to give up and ‘move on’. 

There will be a strong lurking motivation to find a ‘secure spot’

Even Sheldon had a strong affinity for his Spot and only His Spot!


However, I have learnt in the past few weeks of strenuous and completely consuming urges that its the most ‘reasonable’ thing to give in to these ‘Demons of Secure Spots’

And there is very limited, if any, reason to go on with the madness of being the story you want people to share and be known for who you are and what you did. And not be forgotten for what you rather not do!

Building a startup is not very easy. It is probably one of the most consuming process to be engaged in. As I said there is enough and more reason to not do things that make life more difficult. And there is absolutely no reason for me (with a rather well-in-shape) physique to subject myself to the extreme pain of early morning exercises.

However, I also learnt that nothing in life is more satisfying than to be able to go to sleep every night knowing

Today is one more day That I controlled my destiny

Today is one more day That I was obsessed with who i want to be

Today is one more day when I faced the very basic challenges of survival in the face

Today is one more day when I stepped an inch closer to being a wee bit of an inspiration for someone

And I wish to be that inspiration for someone, for myself till the time I have the last bit of energy left in me. Because that is what I want to be known for.

I want to be known as the chapter that was once written. Not as the chapter that was meant to be written

And my learnings are not my reflections, they are rather learnings of an entrepreneur who has learnt the hard truth from multiple people (all better than I) the hard and the difficult way

So go on. If I can. So can you and much better than I

Be the story you want to share. Be the creator people want to own

Be the Chapter people want to read. 

You are meant to be. You will have to find the Hard Way amidst the challenges. Because thats what Life and Adventure is all about


This post is written by Arpita Chakraborty, straight from her laptop – sharing learnings and experiences of working across startups for years now. She is a social media geek and loves to question things at GetEchoed. Tweet to her about anything @arpitaambition


We love inactivity and you should too!


It is the best life hack

Working on any project / venture or anything — requires patience and perseverance. There is a greater possibility that your current assignment is taking a toll on your productivity. You are grappling with deliverables and milestone completion. You are probably juggling priorities and shuffling roles. Maybe ignoring somethings and making sense of the mesh of information and dissonance between action and reuslts.

Setting goals is tempting; at times even liberating. Persevering on them is the difficult part and that is where we love ‘inactivity’. Or as one can put; we like ‘spurts of inactivity’.

Being passionately consumed in endeavors of today is something that the enthusiast and achiever in us understand immediately. The challenge is however that the enthusiast is often consumed in its own hunger and devoured in its own heat

Yes, there are adequate benefits of mental and physical inactivity — the times when you have had it all, would rather take it light and prefer to have a cooling off time than scratch your head any longer on the problem at hand. Periods of inactivity interspersed during your productive hours are one of the best hacks to increase emotional well being and your daily productivity.

Some of the most brilliant discoveries and breakthroughs have happened in periods of inactivity.

Letting our brain to run wild without the mental schemata operating in given directions is when the best juices of inactivity is relished. Epiphanies are the outcomes of such moments. Yet, even if there are no epiphanies, the phenomena of giving everything a stop and giving yourself the space to breathe is probably the best thing that you can do to yourself.

With your nerves calmed and you at peace with yourself is probably the best means to be most sure of your actions and yourself. Self esteem and courage have new peaks when you know they are outcomes of your belief and not blindhead passion.

Passion can be as encouraging as limiting; its all a matter of perspective.

When working on a difficult problem or targeting a long to-do list or even working on a rather challenging milestone, give yourself a period of inactivity. And ensure to have no subtle expectations of achievements or realizations during these hours. Might as well just think absolutely nothing through these moments when you decide to be inactive. While it’s obvious to think of the potential opportunity cost of having time-off without tangible benefits, considering the opportunity cost of a potential burn out or fall out or utter blunders in absence of inactivity is rather more threatening.

There are typically limited chances at succeeding because success is non reliable with lack of precedence. Failure can be tamed, pre empted and with time we understand the demons.

One of the best ways to pre empt failures is to be cognizant of personal challenges and know our limitations. Being inactive definitely means being mentally silent and probably for a while even emotionally inactive, being non-reactive to situation and problems around. Inactivity essentially is being at peace with the situation and restoring our mental and emotional faculties to gear up for a greater stretch going forward.

Why we love inactivity you may ask?

We at GetEchoed, love the concept of cooling off every now and then and more often. Some of the most pressing decisions, cofounder challenges and solutions to non-scalable problems have emerged when we have consciously or unconsciously become inactive. We however started with no plans of being inactive. Today, however we are consciously inactive for some time every second day.

Inactivity is chaotic.

Inactivity is creative.

Inactivity helps unlock potential.

Inactivity helps you be at peace with yourself.

Inactivity reminds you of your priorities.

Too much work and little chaos hurts the average Joe

Become inactive when you are eating. Become inactive when you are watching a movie. Become inactive when you are driving. Become inactive when you are just doing nothing

Become inactive and remind yourself there is a reason to the larger scheme of things

What are your hacks for bringing the beauty back to life? Had some fun with your moments of inactivity? Drop in a comment, we are all ears!


This post is written by Arpita Chakraborty, straight from her laptop – sharing learnings and experiences of working across startups for years now. She is a social media geek and loves to question things at GetEchoed. Tweet to her about anything @arpitaambition