We love inactivity and you should too!


It is the best life hack

Working on any project / venture or anything — requires patience and perseverance. There is a greater possibility that your current assignment is taking a toll on your productivity. You are grappling with deliverables and milestone completion. You are probably juggling priorities and shuffling roles. Maybe ignoring somethings and making sense of the mesh of information and dissonance between action and reuslts.

Setting goals is tempting; at times even liberating. Persevering on them is the difficult part and that is where we love ‘inactivity’. Or as one can put; we like ‘spurts of inactivity’.

Being passionately consumed in endeavors of today is something that the enthusiast and achiever in us understand immediately. The challenge is however that the enthusiast is often consumed in its own hunger and devoured in its own heat

Yes, there are adequate benefits of mental and physical inactivity — the times when you have had it all, would rather take it light and prefer to have a cooling off time than scratch your head any longer on the problem at hand. Periods of inactivity interspersed during your productive hours are one of the best hacks to increase emotional well being and your daily productivity.

Some of the most brilliant discoveries and breakthroughs have happened in periods of inactivity.

Letting our brain to run wild without the mental schemata operating in given directions is when the best juices of inactivity is relished. Epiphanies are the outcomes of such moments. Yet, even if there are no epiphanies, the phenomena of giving everything a stop and giving yourself the space to breathe is probably the best thing that you can do to yourself.

With your nerves calmed and you at peace with yourself is probably the best means to be most sure of your actions and yourself. Self esteem and courage have new peaks when you know they are outcomes of your belief and not blindhead passion.

Passion can be as encouraging as limiting; its all a matter of perspective.

When working on a difficult problem or targeting a long to-do list or even working on a rather challenging milestone, give yourself a period of inactivity. And ensure to have no subtle expectations of achievements or realizations during these hours. Might as well just think absolutely nothing through these moments when you decide to be inactive. While it’s obvious to think of the potential opportunity cost of having time-off without tangible benefits, considering the opportunity cost of a potential burn out or fall out or utter blunders in absence of inactivity is rather more threatening.

There are typically limited chances at succeeding because success is non reliable with lack of precedence. Failure can be tamed, pre empted and with time we understand the demons.

One of the best ways to pre empt failures is to be cognizant of personal challenges and know our limitations. Being inactive definitely means being mentally silent and probably for a while even emotionally inactive, being non-reactive to situation and problems around. Inactivity essentially is being at peace with the situation and restoring our mental and emotional faculties to gear up for a greater stretch going forward.

Why we love inactivity you may ask?

We at GetEchoed, love the concept of cooling off every now and then and more often. Some of the most pressing decisions, cofounder challenges and solutions to non-scalable problems have emerged when we have consciously or unconsciously become inactive. We however started with no plans of being inactive. Today, however we are consciously inactive for some time every second day.

Inactivity is chaotic.

Inactivity is creative.

Inactivity helps unlock potential.

Inactivity helps you be at peace with yourself.

Inactivity reminds you of your priorities.

Too much work and little chaos hurts the average Joe

Become inactive when you are eating. Become inactive when you are watching a movie. Become inactive when you are driving. Become inactive when you are just doing nothing

Become inactive and remind yourself there is a reason to the larger scheme of things

What are your hacks for bringing the beauty back to life? Had some fun with your moments of inactivity? Drop in a comment, we are all ears!


This post is written by Arpita Chakraborty, straight from her laptop – sharing learnings and experiences of working across startups for years now. She is a social media geek and loves to question things at GetEchoed. Tweet to her about anything @arpitaambition


Price of that extra hour…

You know it is well past six, then you look towards your boss’s cabin & you see him sitting there. Your heart instantly declares a strike against your mind about sticking any longer in office. You pack your bag & leave for the day.

Next morning you find yourself part of a light-hearted discussion with your colleagues where your boss makes an indirect comment about non-seriousness of employees who leave office ‘on time’. It is quite normal for you to take that into your stride. From that day on, you diligently stick your ass on the seat till your boss feels you are ‘serious’ enough about the job. Gradually, you get into the habit of replying to official emails during odd hours, as weird as 3 A.M! Well, that is definitely being prudent enough for the ‘kind-of-growth’ you are aspiring.


I do not have a single issue in accepting the fact that I might not be an expert of working conditions outside India, but the above stated points are a cumulative result of talking to more that 1,000 young MNC professionals across cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Banglore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai.

If given a chance, I would like to arrange a national debate on the interpretation of the word ‘growth’. Is it moving from i20 to Fabia ? Or is it getting a hike of straight 175% on your present salary? This question is purely subjective but what is objective is the price you pay for all of this! Staying up late in the office is a completely voluntary decision, & if you find that the impetus is EXTERNAL, you must think on the path to catch it on the other side of the road.

If it is about your bread & butter, earn enough to just have ‘bread & butter’. There always exists a job in this world that would grant youthat much. What lies ahead & what should matter to you — are you getting enough time to follow your PASSION?

Not everyone under the sun is lucky enough to fall in love with their work. Some eventually give in because they have wasted long enough to think about an alternative, others keep struggling to achieve‘happiness’ till eternity.

But do you fall under any of these categories?

If no, make use of time to follow what you love doing, even if it is doing nothing! It is like a relation that matures only with time & with sustained efforts you discover the real ‘you’. Do not be disappointed if you end up having nothing; that ‘nothing’ is only mass-stupidity to cover up the uniqueness of an individual. Trust me, you will discover some precious gems!

Get back to reading your favorite Batman comics, or taking your bike to unexplored places of the city, or joining knitting classes in the vicinity. From the point I see it, you might end up starting your online comics rental, or starting a viral travel blog or launching a winter-ware range! Else you become famous enough to carry a reputation in the like-minded community. None of them seems bad to me as you would have cherished every moment of walking up to that point. And that for sure matters more than owning up a 3BHK flat in suburbs or a swanky car(of course on EMI!).

I can literally go on for (p)ages on this, but my motive is to just give you a ‘push’ for yourself. You will always find people who will enjoy walking with you, that is far better than amassing a lavishness of herd-mentality crowd. So for now, close this browser(not without sharing it with one you care for!) & get back to what your heart says. The first step is always small, what matters is that you started!



This post is written by Kumar Dipanshu, Co founder at GetEchoed. He handles product design, being the creative think tank and being resolute about his opinions! He loves poetry and mountains. Tweet to discuss anything with him @kdipanshu