Hey girl! Don’t screw your relationship because you’re #StartingUp

Begin the selling and pitching with your guy!

You are 25, you are done working in a big organization OR have had enough exposure working with different startups and its time to get into something of your own

Brilliant thought! You should.

You believe you can think smarter than peers and want to figure out better ways to solve problems — you are at the right spot.

But then, there is the relationship!

You have a relationship to give time and attention. Relationships are beautiful till the time they get messy!

Chances are ‘at 25′ — you are doing good at day job; have a stable fitness regime and have a guy who ‘understands you’. Sadly, with starting up as a thought — you are at a very vulnerable stage in life. The security is far from gone. And your time is no more at your own beck and call. But, still you want to do it because you know its now or never!


And yet, ‘The Decision is taken’

So how do you take it from here…

When do you quit your job? What do you explain your guy ? How will you make time for your relationship while building something from the scratch? What about your male co-founders? And then there is the uncertainty — if this is your 1st venture — chances of major hurdles are high as well!

Will your guy understand?!!

Ahh… Life ain’t so tough when you know where to begin


Begin with your partner. Begin the pitching and selling with your partner. My partner did not believe in my first idea — and i failed to scale it. I was inexperienced, among other things i was inexperienced in convincing that my idea was awesome. I sucked at it.

Your partner is your first customer.

If you cannot make your partner believe your venture is awesome; bleak are the chances — anyone else will believe — least of it your customers

For my second venture, I began with my partner’s buy in. He was my first customer and my most difficult customer! And this time around, i did a better job at it.

Understand your partner’s perceived pain point with you starting the venture. Paucity of time, frequent changes, ambiguity, probable delay in your future plans, and even worse things. Think of the worst #fear.And figure out alternatives from that point. I began with the security aspect and it worked reasonably well for me

Explain your finances. Explain your goal. Make your partner believe in the leap of faith you have in your idea / business. Show how things fit together in the larger scheme of things. Show your partner how your mutual goals fit together in your aspirations. Do not try to manipulate intentions as it wont take you very far.

However, just so you know…

Most of your assurances and calculations will be falsified with time. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Such is #StartingUp.

So, ensure that you don’t just convince your partner for the venture. You must try to get the complete “buy-in”. Enroll your partner and figure out ways of collaborating with your partner. Better yet, if you bring in equal ownership. Problems with failure stand moderated when you are #InItTogether. That’s what i did for my 2nd venture. And i consider that to be my first partnership — one which was built on trust.


I need not begin to count the benefits of working with people where trust and emotional compatibility is already established. You only need to understand the professional boundaries and set in the culture of equal and complete responsibility from Day 1. Mitigate risks and be strategic about the key decisions that you take. Have a metric for your relationship — at the personal and professional front. Mutually decide when you would spend time together as a couple and when you will spend time together as cofounders. Investors prefer to work with teams that have been through shit in the past and have stood together. Who else but both of you can prove it for each other!

Oh yes, it does come with its own baggage of challenges but that is something you shall have to face with your cofounder in any case.

Chances are co working may not work for you. In which case, ensure your partner knows what to expect and what not to expect when you begin to work for your own venture. It will not be a cake walk and make sure you communicate the same. Play honest so that you really don’t screw up things later

If you still feel #StartinUp is a threat to your current priorities — high time you do the weighing and prioritizing girl!

Your Breakup and StartingUp — Are not directly related.

Share your experience of pitching your venture to your partner – your learning / trivia / thoughts – absolutely anything. Lets get the talks going!


This post is written by Arpita Chakraborty, straight from her laptop – sharing learnings and experiences of working across startups for years now. She is a social media geek and loves to question things at GetEchoed. Tweet to her about anything @arpitaambition


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