Boom – GetEchoed is born!

All of us have many shouting / haunting / not-so-loud / simple yet difficult things that we really want to do. We are running the marathon of life and everything is pretty much fitting the bill.However, given a chance there is always something – big / not so big – that we want to do – something different from the way we are living. Some may want it for bringing meaning to lives, some for achieving their overall goals while others simply want it for making the 24 hours more exciting.

The catch however is in the problem of not being able to action that one thing we BADLY want to do and the 24 hours are pretty much same between yesterday and today. The challenge is the perceived lack of time and absence of enough push for working towards the goal. 

We know that it is very important to make the most of life in whatever we do. And it becomes even more desirable to action the long wish list when there are people to share the ride and there is companionship. While our challenges are unique to us, zest to solve them and make the difference is similar across each of us.

Essentially with the thought of making lives more meaningful, simple and a punch in a wee bit more adrenaline is the genesis point for Get Echoed. 

The sole imperative at Get Echoed is pump in continuous effort to get you closer to ACTION on the different things you want to do – taking up one task at a time; beating one deadline at a time! GetEchoed will be your sounding board where you get to shout out fearlessly. And yes, go the next step beyond –set up yourself a deadline for achieving the goal, build milestones that define your journey and get supported by likeminded people.

Celebrate life in actions, live achievements through milestones of moments and share the feeling with people who resonate with not only your problem; but also your solution – your goals and the deadlines. 

Oh yeah! Get Echoed is the next generation social way of expression and action. You have 24 hours, you have one lifetime and you have a million things to complete. GetEchoed is the bridge between those thoughts to the reality. After all, there is a master plan to life for all of us!

Meet yourself in action at Get Echoed, discover yourself through new people, help others get one step closer to what they really want to do, participate in some one’s journey, learn something from someone who has done it before. 

Do check out our new changes to the Landing Page – We are giving out some more information… and yes, we are inching closer to unleashing the veil

Stay hooked… crave more… Start chalking out your master plan as we set the platform for you to hit the home run!


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